“Substitute 'damn' every time you're inclined to write 'very;' your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.”
― Mark Twain

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Firefighter: First and Foremost

Lindsay Z. Mnguni

Back from the Brink

Jessica Schwartzman


Dale Brendan Hyde

Women in Dark Waters

Farzana Chandio

Ink Your Legend

Ayo Gutierrez

To Dads With Love

Aurélien Thomas


Danny Gallardo / Ayo Gutierrez / Dess Balota

The Science of Aging Well: How to Look 20 Years Younger

Mike Chan

Catching the Rainbow

Rhodora Misiano Napud

 I found out about Mr Webb’s services through my former colleague and a friend – and I immediately contacted him, as I needed a reliable editor for my book. It was not difficult to strike a deal with Mr Webb as he has a great passion for his job, which was noticeable from the onset of our meeting. I realised that I had found my editor as he explained exactly what he was going to do; what I should expect from him and what was expected from me, as well as what I needed to do. He is an author (having already published three books: Ops Medic; Paramedics: Lights and Sirens; and The Helderberg Conspiracy) and has in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the book production processes. As such, I am very grateful for having met Mr Webb because he has attention to detail and does not only edit the manuscript, but also assists with such things as proper sentence construction, the creation and placing of paragraphs or ideas. He assists the writer with finding more suitable words but won’t replace anything without the permission of the writer. Mr Webb is an outstanding gentleman and is very professional as he treated my manuscript with the greatest attention, as if it was his. He has a high level of confidentiality and therefore I had no problem with trusting him with my book. He is also an open-minded person and therefore creates an atmosphere of mutual trust. He has an unbelievable patience and gives the author sufficient time to make his or her own decisions, when so needed. I am very proud to have my book edited by Mr Webb’s editorial practice and would certainly recommend him for great service. 

Lindsay Z. Mnguni: Author of Firefighter: First and Foremost

 I started writing my book in 2016. Initially, it was just going to be a ‘blog’, however, I decided to turn it into an autobiography. In the early part of 2019, I approached Steve and asked him to look at my very rough manuscript. His reaction a few hours later was one I did not expect at all. His encouragement to reach into the very depths of my emotions, write about it and share experiences from the good to the bad, was constant. In the latter part of 2019, I was about to send the completed version of my manuscript, but something held me back, and after a miraculous discovery I finally finished my book. Steve’s contribution as my editor has been exemplary and more so as my friend because he has shared similar experiences and could tell me how to write about them. Anyone who needs an editor with a completely objective view, and the skills in which to enhance the writing, Steve is the ‘Go To’ editor. With my gratitude for your amazing patience and help. 

Jessica SchwartzmanAuthor of Back From the Brink

 I would just like to take the opportunity to write a brief thank you to my cousin Steven out in South Africa. Mr Steven Webb has one of the best editing service business' in the world. I am onto my fourth book now as an Author and I feel I’m getting more professional as I go along my writing career path. Like most Authors, my manuscripts are like my babies, and I’m as reluctant as any writer to let another soul touch my work. With Steven, though, I can guarantee you have nothing to fear. He has a professionalism that is outstanding from the start of your editing journey with him to the very end. The work he carried out on my autobiographical piece of writing STITCHED was phenomenal. He is an author in his own right, and you can easily see the passion he possesses for writing and structuring words. I knew I had an important story to be published by my publishers GMGA, and Steven has given me the final touches to make this important novel not just an enjoyable read. But a read that is faultless of grammatical mistakes and structured so well, that it thunders along at a pace where a novel is suddenly read in the blink of an eye. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Dale Brendan Hyde Author of the following titles: The Ink Run The Whiskey Pool The Gods R Watching STITCHED The Death Row Thrift Shop (current work in progress) 

Dale Brendan HydeAuthor of Stitched

 'Steven has been very professional, editing our poetry anthology in a timely manner, making insightful and relevant recommendations, and brilliantly communicating during the whole process. I for one recommend his services.' -Aurélien Thomas, 'To Dads -with Love' (GMGA Publishing, 2021) 

Aurelien ThomasAuthor of To Dads With Love

 I am very happy with the way Steven edited my book. He made sure whatever changes and edits were made were in keeping with my original voice. The thoroughness in which the references were reviewed was also impressive. I would work with him again in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose. 

Mike ChanAuthor of The Science of Aging Well: How to Look 20 Years Younger

 Testimonial to Steven Webb, In-house Editor, GMGA Publishing for his comprehensive editing of my book, Catch the Rainbow. I sincerely express my gratitude and appreciation for the valuable services he has done to make my book a very valuable literary piece. I wish Mr Webb more successful books to write and edit in the future. 

Rhodora Misiano NapudAuthor of Catch the Rainbow
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This page is under review.

Our services are still available and our contact details remain unchanged for now.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Ops Medic: A National Serviceman's Border War

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Paramedics: Lights and Sirens

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The Helderberg Conspiracy: Fact or Fiction?

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06 February 2021 


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