Back from the Brink
Jessica Schwartzman

Jessica has been confronted by adversity from the day she was born. It has taken her fifty years to confront it head on and take back her life.

Jessica has spent much of her adult life serving others, working in the emergency medical field, and helping those who cannot help themselves. At times to the detriment of her own health and well-being.

This woman takes her readers on a trip, not only to the places she has been to around the world, but to some of the dark recesses of her own mind, and tells us of the despondency she has felt when her own body has failed her.

We read about a woman whose remarkable determination has taken her through some trying times and despite what medical professionals told her; she was determined to beat the odds. Through hardship, she has persevered with a determination few can muster.

Jessica is an experienced open water swimmer, having completed the Midmar Mile and the Sun City swim on several occasions. She also has a passion for various dance styles and is an accomplished singer. Jessica still practises one of her passions, career wise, and that is teaching for a well-known medical emergency service.

She lives in Sandton with dog Gemma and her growing teddy bear collection. Back From The Brink is her first book.