Firefighter: First and Foremost
Lindsay Z. Mnguni

Firefighter: First and Foremost is the first book that he has published as he attempts to let us into his life as a firefighter, where it all started; and the rescue missions that he has been to – in Haiti, Japan, and the Philippines. Enjoy the mesmerising style and his catchy talent, as also reviewed and endorsed by the various prominent people. In his own words: 

‘In my life, I have tried to be dedicated, determined, and disciplined; and to stay focused on achieving my dreams, no matter what the circumstances are. It has not been easy, but I have always believed that I can do it. Success doesn’t come easily. But the fruit of hard work is the success. I am almost certain that with faith, love, and hope, great things are achieved. Thank you.’ - Lindsay Z. Mnguni.