Copy-editing and Proofreading
  • Specialising in non-fiction, biographical and autobiographical works
  • Works of fiction
  • Business reports
  • Company Procedure and Policy documents
  • Training Manuals
  • Small Business adverts, pamphlets, and flyers

During the editing stage we will go through your manuscript and check the following:

  • Correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Correct spelling and check common usage of words.
  • Check for consistency of usage.
  • Make sure that the text is clear, makes sense and flows well and that information is not missing or unnecessarily repeated.
  • Check that illustrations, tables and captions are correctly presented and matched.
  • Remove any racial and or gender bias not relevant to the content.
  • Check for potential legal problems; check for offensive material not related to the content, incitement to hatred and possible plagiarism

and more.

You then need to approve the edits and once that is completed we are able to proofread your manuscript for you, which entails the following:

  • Re-check for consistency in spelling, grammar and usage after correcting.
  • Check for consistency in font sizes, spacing and alignment.
  • Check for pagination and incorrect or awkward hyphenation, word and paragraph breaks.
  • Check for errors of fact. In other words we will check your research.
  • Check that page numbers are correct and consecutive.
  • Check that page numbers and chapter headings match contents table and indices.
  • Check that illustrations, tables and figures match their captions as well as any list of figures.

All factual information in the manuscript will also be checked for accuracy. 

Certificate number: SAWC C7031