#1 New release on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk - Midnight in Ndola: The Accident that Killed the Secretary-General of the United Nations

This accident has been under investigation for the past fifty-nine years. The simple reason for that is because it was the second General-Secretary of the United Nations who was on board the aircraft when it crashed. Considering the circumstances in the region, everyone has assumed, wrongly, that the aircraft had fallen prey to some sort of foul play.

Considering that no evidence of any foul play was ever found, despite the many, and in most cases false statements claiming responsibility, investigations continue along these very lines. There have been three books published since 2012, one in the UK, one in the USA, and one in Sweden telling the story of this accident. Each one of them has come to the same conclusion, that foul play was the result of the aircraft crash.

I do not believe that this is the case. The UN dismissed factors they saw as not being probable, even as recent as their latest reports in August 2019. This book is an alternative to already published theories and shows how the current train of thought does not coincide with the known evidence. Coincidence is not fact, which is what everyone so far has based their assumptions on.